Since 2004

Reverse osmosis watermakers in Finland

Our company is specialised in watermakers for freetime cottages,households and other places where drinking water is hard to get. We also have a model that is designed for boats.

We are the sole distributor of Afflux Water products in Finland. To this date we have sold over 70 reverse osmosis watercleaning devices in our country and they have prooven their realibility in making clean fresh drinking and household water. The water can be taken from the sea a lake or from a well.


Our watercleaners capacity to clean water depending on the model is everything from 50l/h to 1000litres per hour. The biggest model can be expanded to make 10000 litres per hour.


We have solved the problem to have acces to clean drinking and household water for many customers. To mention a few there is ST1 in Barösund, Bågaskär sea rescue station, Cafe Komsalö, and many private customers.

Clean water

The watercleaner is capable of cleaning salt, minerals, bacteria and other substances away from the water.

Easy to serve and maintain

The devices are wery easy to maintain and requires wery little service.The use of the devices are wery similair to tapping water in a normal household.

No special tools are required

They are also wery easy to install yourself We also offer free support and instructions via telephone when needed.


If you like us to take care of the installation or service of the system we are more than happy to do so.

Contact us

If you have a problem with acces to clean water dont hesitate to contact us – we can help you.

Mikael Hjort
puh. 040-520 1899

SMALL EAST-COAST PACKAGE -our most popular product


  • Pretreatment filter (coarse & fine filters)
  • Desalination unit,Rolux 100
  • Buffer tank 300L with levelsensor
  • Mineralfilter,pH adjustment
  • Distributionspump
  • Feed waterpump
  • Feed waterintake


The Archipelago Unit is a complete desalination unit (”turn-key” system) recommended for permanent/second homes requiring clean fresh water for all purposes.

The cleaning is performed by a RO – system (reverse osmosis). This process is friendly to the environment without adding any chemicals. The quality of the purified water is guaranteed by automatic measurement.

The system is cleaned (flushed) with sweet water frequently,when in a stand- by position, to extend the life length and capacity of the membranes.

Maintenance is done with longer intervals by minimizing fouling and corrosion of the system with the clean in place (CIP) method). During low consumption period, when your absent, a forced turn over of the desalinated water by sweet water from the buffertank is performed. The reason is to guarantee a constant quality of the clean water.

Maintenance is limited to preserve the system through the low season by keeping the membranes fit through a special conservating liquid. The filters for pretreatment of the saltwater are cleaned and changed regulary. The installation includes connection by hoses for incoming water, drain water and the buffertank. Power supply 230 VAC direct plug on the socket. The display unit is showing the actual parameters direct ”on screen” The RO-system is manufactured from recyclable plastics and stainless metal to avoid corrosion.